DAWSON CREEK -- Small business owners in Dawson Creek are asking the province to pay for rapid COVID-19 tests. 

They say long wait times for test results are disrupting workflow and costing them money. 

Businesses are having to wait up to two days just to book their appointment to get tested, and they say results are taking between three to five days to be returned. 

Employees off-work for up to a week can significantly impact a business's day to day operations.

The Dawson Creek Chamber of Commerce says access to rapid testing will help reduce those pressures. 

The province has already provided grants to the business community for COVID-19 related supplies, such as masks and handsanitizer.

The chamber says this grant could be extended to cover the cost of rapid testing for the business community. 

A rapid antigen screening test offered at pharmacies gives results in twently minutes and costs $40. 

Other sectors such as mining and oil & gas already have testing on site.