DAWSON CREEK -- Dawson Creek's only movie theatre is opening back up.

Center Cinema shut down at the end of May as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Magic Lantern Theatres bought out the location with plans of reopening at the end of October.

The 40-year-old Edmonton based company specializes in rural markets with locations across Canada - inluding Fort Saskatchewan and Peace River in Alberta, and Meadow Lakes and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan.

The company says Dawson Creek presents itself as a "vibrant" and "stable" town to invest in.

"There isn't a movie theatre close by, you have to drive at least fourty-five minutes to an hour and as far as we can tell from the history it's a movie-going town," said Katrina Chapman Operations Supervisor Magic Lantern Theatres.

Chapman is currently preparing the theatre for reopening and says guests will have much to look forward to the next time they visit the big screen.

“Visitors can expect better sound, some clean seats, the floors going to be repainted, there’s definitely going to be a change to the menu, all kinds of good stuff,” said Chapman.