DAWSON CREEK -- Questions remain about why a notorious criminal from Dawson Creek was released from jail last November, while he was the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

In July of 2022, Ryan Beaulieu was shot in the groin by an RCMP officer in Prince George, after he sprayed bear spray in the face of a Mountie in an area near police holding cells.

In November of 2023, Beaulieu was released from jail in Prince George. He headed back to Dawson Creek, where he would commit suicide days later.

But back in May of 2022, sources told CJDC TV News that Beaulieu murdered Tim Guy in a ground floor apartment on 8th Street.

Sources said that Beaulieu stabbed Guy in front of Guy’s girlfriend and her children. Guy’s girlfriend was also Beaulieu’s sister.

Sources also said that after the murder, the RCMP were provided with an account of how Beaulieu killed Guy. However it remains unclear what level of detail was provided to investigators by the witness or witnesses.

CJDC TV News reached out to the North District Major Crime Unit (NDMCU) to ask why Beaulieu was released from jail in November of 2023, when he was the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

The NDMCU issued a statement that reads in part, “The evidence threshold at each level is different and for murders the threshold is high, given the profound effect a murder trial and conviction has on the people involved.”

NDMCU also added, “The investigative team identified a suspect in the investigation and was working to gain evidence and ultimately secure charges.  The comprehensive investigation determined that there was one sole suspect. That suspect is now deceased.”

CJDC TV News reached out to the BC Prosecution Service to ask if Crown Prosecutors were aware that Beaulieu was suspected to have kllled Guy before he was released. They did not return our email.

After Beaulieu was released from jail he returned to Dawson Creek. Days later on November 19th, 2023 he was involved in an armed stand-off with police.

Three women were inside a house on 107th Avenue with Beaulieu at the time. They managed to get out of the home safely without being injured.

Beaulieu fired shots at police. Sources told CJDC TV, that he live-streamed part of the encounter on Facebook. A source added,” Beaulieu said during the live-stream that he would not be taken alive.”

When police entered the residence the next morning, they found Beaulieu’s dead body. He had died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

NDMCU continued to investigate the murder of Tim Guy after Beaulieu’s death. The NDMCU say that investigation has now wrapped up.

Beaulieu was not charged or proven guilty in connection with Guy’s murder.

Beaulieu was however found guilty of second degree murder in the death of Wesley Lulu-Gladue in 2011.

The 22-year-old Gladue was stabbed to death in Dawson Creek. Mounties found his body two days later inside a large box, stashed in a garbage bin at the Sunridge Apartments complex.

BC’s police watch dog is still investigating the armed stand-off between Beaulieu and police.

The Civilian Director of the Independent Investigations Office of BC (I.I.O.) said, their investigation into the role that police may or may not have played in connection with death, is just about complete.

Ron MacDonald said investigators are taking the appropriate steps due to Beaulieu’s First Nation background.

MacDonald said, “It is always important to consider the background. Certain equity-owed groups have had historical interactions with police that they haven’t been satisfied with, so the I.I.O. takes appropriate steps to allay those concerns. History shapes how people feel about those incidents and we need to take that approach to it.”