Dawson Creek resident Sam Yaremcio has put on a Halloween exhibit for the past 5 years with this year being the last time the event is put on.

Yaremcio said he hopes to continue it, “but I’m thinking you’ve got to quit one year.”

He has collected a wide variety of decorations including skeletons, animatronic witches and a fire breathing dragon.

It takes him a couple of weeks to finish building the attraction.

The haunted house usually receives around 250 kids and parents.

Candy is also available for trick or treaters.

Yaremcio said, “It feels good. I mean Dawson Creek to me is a wonderful little community and it’s just a small and I get a lot of very positive comments about it.”

He said the exhibit is family friendly, free and people can stop by anytime on Halloween.

The haunted house is located across the street from Central Middle School.