Although the imminent threat has passed, crews are still hard at work fighting the Battleship Mountain wildfire.

The rain over the weekend helped to reduce the fire’s activity, but flames continue to smolder where there is heavy fuel.

Firefighters continue to construct fire guards on the east and southern flanks of the blaze. Crews are also mopping up from Gaylard Creek to Williston Lake along the Table Forest Service Road.

Structural protection equipment has been demobilized, as it’s no longer needed.

Specialists are also on site removing “danger trees” – trees with burnt out roots which can fall easily. The BC Wildfire Service is asking locals to be aware of these trees, as well as other hazards in the area. Burned vegetation can also cause the ground to become hydrophobic and more likely to erode, which could cause washouts during heavy rainfall.

The fire is still classified as out of control, and is over 30,000 hectares in size. The BC Wildfire Service has committed 115 firefighters, two helicopters, and twelve pieces of heavy equipment to fighting the blaze.