Firefighters continue to make good progress on containment of the Battleship Mountain wildfire.

The BC Wildfire Service says the fire has been relatively stable for several days, with no significant growth reported since September 15th, despite warmer temperatures drying out fuels on the southwest side.

Crews have successfully constructed a fire guard on the southwest flank. Firefighters continue to work on building guards on the south and northeast flanks as well, which they are hoping to finish within the next 24 to 48 hours.

The fire is still classified as burning out of control. Once the guards are completed, the fire’s status may change, but that will also depend on the weather.

Forecasters are predicting a cold front will pass over the area, beginning Thursday and lasting through Saturday. It is expected to bring winds around 30-40km/hr, and gusting up to 70km/hr, which could increase fire activity on the southwest corner.

Increased temperatures and poor venting conditions are also likely to increase visible smoke from the fire, which could be seen around the region.

The Battleship Mountain wildfire has burned 30,242 hectares since it was ignited on August 30th.