FORT ST. JOHN -- After complaints about the overgrown tennis court at Kin Park, the city of Fort St. John city council has launched a community survey.

According to the city, they want to hear from residents about their ice rinks, outdoor and indoor public facilities as well as arts and culture spaces. The five to 10-minute survey will help them understand the value of their community services and facilities, explains city staff.

It helps to inform the service delivery review on community services to update fees and charges and make any changes based on the recommendations. It aims to change the level of service needed based on financial and resident feedback.

The survey asks questions about the service and costs, such as: Does the municipality need to provide this service/business? What do citizens expect of the service and what outcomes does Council want for the service? Are there areas that require new or enhanced service? What are the full costs and benefits of the service? What are the alternative ways of delivering the service?

The final plan for any changes will be released in a report in early 2024. But before it is released, city staff will hold public sessions on their community services and collect data from the survey.

Residents can complete the survey here: