DAWSON CREEK, BC -- The deadline for a Dawson Creek couple to demolish their home has passed, and the City will now take over.

Dean and Chelsey Lamont had until September 16 to demolish their 8th Street home, which was gutted by a fire in late July. Investigators are treating the fire as arson.

The house has been condemned and poses a health and safety risk, according to the City of Dawson Creek. The City will now take charge of demolishing the building, and has put out a Request for Quotation for the job.

The property owners will have the expense of the demolition added to their property taxes. If those taxes are not paid, the city will take possession of the property.

The Lamonts previously asked council for a thirty-day extension to the demolition deadline, as they were uninsured and would have to pay out of pocket for the demolition. However, their request was rejected, as council felt the extra time would not incentivize the couple to take action.