DAWSON CREEK -- A video from a Dawson Creek City Council meeting went viral for all the wrong reasons, now the city has removed it from their YouTube channel.

The same day the City met to discuss the vaccine passport in September, over 100 people rallied outside city hall protesting against it.

As a gesture, Mayor Bumstead allowed a few people to speak at the meeting, knowing the vaccine passport would undoubtedly go into effect.

Gina Goad made a presentation at the meeting, introducing herself a microbiologist.

She called the vaccine a "genetic experiment" with a high fatality rate and claims emerging new variants of the virus are the result of genetic mutations caused by inoculation.

Goud's calls herself a psychic and a medical intuitive online.

Following the meeting, in normal fashion, the City of Dawson Creek posted the meeting to their YouTube page, and it unexpectedly started gaining traction.

Anti-vaxxers were quick to share her claims, reposting on social media and anti-science based websites.

The video has since been viewed over 200,000 times.

After much controversy, Dawson Creek City Council has now taken the video down.

Mayor Bumstead has faced criticism for being pro-choice on the vaccine, however he's been at the forefront of promoting vaccine uptake, and it's importance in ending the pandemic.

B.C.'s Minster of Health, Adrian Dix, has endorsed Mayor Bumstead and his efforts to get the community vaccinated.