PIUCE COUPE -- Ovintiv has confirmed to CJDC-TV News, that a sour gas leak from a wellhead near Riverside Road in Pouce Coupe occurred on Friday afternoon.

A witness who lives across the street from the wellhead says, the “jet engine roaring sound alerted me that something was off over there because the typical flaring flame was not present, just strong smelling clouds of steam-like gases drifting from the site.”

Ovintiv says the leak was contained within an hour and nobody was injured as a result of the incident.

In an email sent to CJDC TV News, the BC Oil and Gas Commision said, "we were aware of the incident and Commission staff attended the site. We will be conducting a full review of the incident."

This is the second leak near Pouce Coupe, from a pipeline or wellhead that is owned by Ovintiv this year.