DAWSON CREEK -- While the Peace Region wildfires have impacted thousands of people they’ve also affected wildlife, including a baby moose named Moe.

Moe and his mother were caught in the middle of the Stoddart Creek wildfire last Saturday. Moe’s mother fled the area, abandoning him in the blaze.

Fire crews were called and recused Moe from the fire.

He received burns to his feet and back.

Moe was brought to the Rimrock Wildlife Rehab Centre near Dawson Creek, shortly after.

Jason Harvey, owner of the Centre said Moe was doing “good. My daughter is trained as a vet. So she’s been giving him anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers and then treating the burns there.”

Jason’s daughter Mariah said the burns “have healed up. He has three burnt feet and one wound in the hip but nothing too bad”.

Moe is joined by 2 other calfs, Smokey and Leroy.

Harvey said the plan is to rehab and release all of the calves into the wild by “October 31st. Once their rehabilitated and ready to go on. Last year we had a 100 per cent success rate of the animals we released. So that was really good to see.”

He said Moe is only 8 days old.