FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. -- The North Peace SPCA is getting overrun with animals impacted by the wildfires burning across BC.

Close to 80 animals, mainly cats, are receiving emergency boarding in Fort St. John since the fires started.

Candace Buchamer, Manager of North Peace SPCA, says,

“We've already brought in close to 500 cats this year, which is usually what we do in an entire year. So it gives you a good idea of the kind of the overload that the community has right now. And we're only one of three organizations that work in our community specifically”

SPCA locations all across the province are seeing the same intake of animals this summer.

The non-profit is offering a half-price adoption promotion from now until July 30th.

Kelsey Dawley with the North Peace Veterinary Clinic says there are some real advantages to adopting a pet from a rescue shelter.

 "Benefits of that would be most of the time, they have at least their first vaccine and first dewormer included. And they have, depending on the age of the dog, they've either had their spare neuter, or they will be set to receive that as part of their adoption fee" Said Dawley.

The SPCA will still conduct an application process, ensuring the person adopting the animal will properly take care of their pet.

Buchamer says once some of the animals in Fort St. John are adopted out, more will be brought in from Kamloops and other areas that are being threatened by wildfires, as their shelters are out of space

“That’s hopefully hundreds and hundreds of animals they’re helping put into homes for people that are maybe having a tough time after covid” Said Buchamer.