FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. -- Amid pressure to resign, the Executive Director of the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation has quit her job.

In September, Niki Hedges was spotted at an "anti-vaccine passport" protest at City Hall.

After the rally, Dr. Paul Mackey and his partner Lori Bonertz sent an email to the Hospital Foundation board demanding Hedges’ resignation.

The email said, quote “We have received information that the executive director of the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation was observed participating in the anti-vaccine/anti-public health protests in front of city hall today."

After CJDC-TV broke the story, the Foundation's Board of Directors held a meeting to discuss Hedge's future.

The board agreed to keep her employed, providing she abided by certain conditions. Sources familiar with the meeting say, Hedges was given certain conditions required to remain in her position.

What's not clear is, if she decided those conditions were untenable.

Hedges did say in September that she was prepared to quit her job if it means standing up for what’s right.

Hedges worked for the Hospital Foundation for three years and has raised over $4 million in that time.