Wind change on Thursday should dissipate smoke in Peace Region

Taylor MacIntyre


The Peace Region continues to be under a 'Special Air Quality Statement,' issued by Environment Canada.
Meteorologist with Environment Climate Change Canada, Philippe-Alain Bergeron, believes the smoke in the region is coming from the Burns Lake area, as the westerly winds lead to the Peace Region. 
Bergeron says as the wind changes direction tomorrow, the smoke will start to dissipate.
"There's a chance, especially late in the afternoon tomorrow, for the Peace Region that the conditions will improve. You will see some showers - that will help to precipitate out the particulates and also the fact that the wind will be shifting from west a little bit more to the north, so it will not be coming directly from that massive complex of wildfires in the Bulkley Valley." Bergeron continues, "However, there are more fires that are burning also to the north, so it's likely that the reprieve will be short - just a few hours - and then you may get the smoke bloom from another fire."
Bergeron adds that over the next few days, the Peace Region will have several low-pressure systems moving through, with the chance of more rain. 
As the winds shift, the area won't be directly downwind from the major bulk of the fires, so the smoke should be less concentrated. 
Wildfire smoke is part of the environment, but precautions should be taken to protect you, your family and those with health issues. 
Residents with pre-existing health conditions, the elderly, infants and children are more likely to experience health effects from prolonged exposure to the smoke.
For more information, contact HealthLink B.C..

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