Widespread power outage affects the Peace Region



Power is restored to the Peace Region after an outage last night affected 35,000 residents.

The lights went out in Hudson’s Hope, Fort St John, Dawson Creek and surrounding areas around 8:20 pm on Wednesday.

BC Hydro crews were on-site immediately, and power was restored at around 9:30 pm.

According to BC Hydro, it was caused by a transmission circuit failure.

“Last night we had a lightning strike on two of our 500,000-volt lines that run from the Peace region down to the Williston substation in Prince George. That tripped those lines off, and so the Peace Region was separated from the rest of the provincial grid,” said Bob Gammer, spokesperson for BC Hydro.

The separation from the grid lasted 14 minutes until it was reconnected with the generator at the W.A.C. Bennett Dam in Hudson’s Hope.

Although the power was out for just a short time, BC Hydro says residents should always be prepared for outages that may last longer.

“Typically outages aren’t that long, but if they are longer ones, say because of a larger natural disaster or some kind of public emergency, you would probably want to start off with preparing an emergency kit, so that you can make it through the first 72 hours and so that will include bottled water, that’ll include flashlights, batteries, and a whole host of other things,” said Gammer.

For more information on how to prepare for power outages visit BC Hydro’s website.

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