Time for residents to 'Shift into Winter'

Taylor MacIntyre


It's that time of year again - time to 'Shift into Winter.'
And that's exactly what today's (Tuesday) initiative was all about. 
In partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, multiple organizations participated in an educational initiative for residents in the region. 
Two traffic stops were set-up on the Alaska Highway - one at the brake check station and another at the chain-off area of the South Taylor Hill. 
At the first, drivers of commercial trucks were talked to about safety - and specifically about chaining up when needed and having sufficient tires for winter driving conditions. 
At the chain off area, residents were stopped to discuss personal safety and the importance of being prepared for winter. 
Road Safety & Community Coordinator for Northern B.C. with ICBC, Doug MacDonald, says the focus is education and prevention.
"We see the end-to-end results of this in car crashes and what we really want to do is make sure the fact that if we can do something to help prevent, just like the rest of the partners and stakeholders that are out here today, it's about prevention. So, how do we make sure people are aware? So, we're giving out some information today, we're giving out a few goodies as well to remind people of the importance of having those winter tires on."
The goal of the event was to educate people about safe driving tips for winter, including driving for conditions, driving safely around snow plows, and how to prepare for winter weather, including tire and chain regulations. 
CVSE Manager for the South Peace, Gerri Goulet, says the purpose of the event is awareness. 
"We're trying to promote the shift into winter and sort of having people aware that driving conditions are going to change, are they prepared as a person in regards to do they have the safety equipment in their vehicle in case something happens, is their vehicle prepared for winter driving."
Staff from Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement, the RCMP, ICBC, Caribou Road Services and the Taylor Fire Department were present. 
Organizers were aiming to talk to 175 vehicles - 100 residents and 75 truck drivers. 

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