Thousands raised during Jail n' Bail

Tiffany Goodwein 

Some well known members of the community served some time in jail today, but not for what you might think. It was all part of the annual cops for Cancer jail and bail held here in Dawson Creek.

Jerimy Earl; Marketing Communications and Member Engagement, Lakeview Credit Union 

" People throughout the community can get their friends family members, prominent citizens locked up for  for  essentially non-sense crimes, or whatever silliness and set their bail and they have to call their office from the cage once the cops come and pick them up, raise the money to post bail and all the funds once again go to the Canadian Cancer Society," said Jerimy Earl, with Lakeview Credit Union. 

The event is in it's eigth year and two emergency service workers from Dawson Creek will be making the ride from Prince George to Prince Rupert in September to raise funds in the fight against cancer.

" We have a group of I"ll say 20-30 people mostly RCMP, media riders, some community riders, we have a few medics and a sherriff so we have an assortment, and it's a really good team atmosphere everyone kind of bonds together and its for a good cause and we kind of help each other up the hills," said Sarah Shaw a rider with Cops for Cancer.  

Over a dozen people were locked up and over $15,000 was raised this year.

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