South Peace Historical Society receives grant for new displays


The next time you visit the Pioneer Village in Dawson Creek you might notice some new additions . 

Members of the South Peace Historical Society , Peavy Mart,  The City of Dawson Creek and the Mile Zero Parks Society  celebrated the birth of two new displays at the site , a water feature, and a grain display. 

"Well I'm pretty happy with it. I'm very happy with the turn out of people and I'm glad it's done. I really truly am thrilled that it's coming to completion," said Stewart Flinn, president of the South Peace Historical Society.

The two displays will help people understand how grain is used in certain foods and how water for drinking and agriculture was collected many years ago. 

Funds for the two displays were made possible through a Ten thousand dollar grant from Peavy Mart.

" The grant goes through sort of a system at the office and that , and they send in their appliction and our board which picks out the grants and that thought it was a good idea to make a water display with a windmill  and Peavy industries / Peavy Mart decided to make a grant for him to build this item at Pioneer Village and it turned out very well I think, " said Dan Aarts of Peavy Mart who adds that he hopes the displays will appeal to locals and tourists alike. 


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