Slow Down for Winter Conditions, say RCMP

Travis Fortnum

RCMP in Fort St. John want to remind drivers to drive a little slower in the winter.

In a release issued this morning, they point out that: with constant snow clearing on streets conditions may temporarily improve, but things could also get more slippery.

Recently officers attended a two-vehicle crash at a high use intersection, and before the scene could be cleared another crash happened at the same spot.

Drivers can be ticketed for Speed Relative to Conditions for a fine of $167.00, as stated in Section 144 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

"The known or posted speed signs don't change on our roads," said Cst. Chad Neustaeter. "But conditions do." 

The RCMP goes on to remind drivers that they are responsible for driving at a reasonable speed that protects them from sliding through intersections, causing a collision with another vehicle or person. 

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