Seth Rogen to Start Selling Weed in B.C. Next Month

Travis Fortnum


Homegrown comedian Seth Rogen and screenwriter Evan Goldberg are teaming up with Canopy Growth Corp. on a new cannabis brand named “Houseplant”.

Dried flower of its Houseplant Sativa strain will be on sale in B.C. starting next month, to be followed by hybrid and indica strains as well as softgels and pre-rolled joints as the brand rolls out nationally.

The Vancouver-born star of Pineapple Express and the Canadian screenwriter, with whom Rogen collaborated on the stoner film, are co-founders of the Toronto-based company.

Houseplant says Canopy has acquired 25 per cent of the business and invested working capital, but wouldn't disclose any further financial information.

Canopy in its role as venture partner is providing the facilities, expertise and infrastructure to produce the cannabis.

Rogen said they have been working on the company ``quietly for years'' and seeing it come together is a ``dream come true.''

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