Say 'Aloha' to Fort St. John's Latest Fitness Challenge

Travis Fortnum


In these frigid January days, who doesn't dream of a tropical getaway?

Well now, the Fort St. John Recreation department has a way for you to enjoy all the fun of the Hawaiian Islands - without the overbearing heat, sandy beaches, blinding sun, or the lengthy travel times.
Well - some of the travel times.

If you're looking for a way to stay active without stepping out into the freezing temps - you can challenge yourself to walk or swim the equivalent distance it would take to traverse the islands of Hawaii.


"Hop the Hawaiian islands challenge is taking place from the 2nd of this month to February 13th,” says David Green, Recreation Programmer with the City of Fort St. John. “We just do it to get people out and exercising and if they're out here anyway, then they can easily track their laps and hopefully win a prize from the city of Fort St. John."

All you have to do is sign up at either the north peace leisure pool or the visitors centre inside the Pomeroy. Then track your laps.

Each lap is equivalent to one kilometre.

The challenge is divided into three sections, ranging in distance as compared to the Hawaiian Islands.
"If you complete all three sections you get entered to win a Fitbit," Green says, "and if you complete 2 of the three you get entered to win one of our various giftcards. And any time you complete one of the sections then you get entered to win a prize from the visitors centre."

So - even if you don't make it the whole way by February 13th, you still have a chance to say aloha to a prize.

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