Residents granted temporary access to homes in Old Fort

Tiffany Goodwien 

Some residents of the Old Fort neighborhood will be able to head back home to collect more belongings and to winterize their properties. 

The Peace River Regional District announced today that temporary entry permits will be granted to residents living in the southeast portion of the neighborhood starting tommorrow , October 15. 

The districts said they will allow roughly groups of thirty residents into the area at a time and  residents will be given "a couple hours " to gather what they need . 
" Thirty people at one time, which will allow us to do five residences at a time . Thirty people will be escorted in , managed , help them load up their essentials and drive them back out," explained Aaron Pritchard, Project Emergency Coordinator with R & R rentals .   

Transportation will take place by boat and the regional district says RCMP, and  volunteers will be on site, providing security and helping residents move essential items. 

" It's a controlled environment , we need to know who is in there and for how long. There will be monitoring in place for the time frame that people are in there," said Shawn Dahlen , Acting CAO of the Peace River Regional District. 

The decison to allow temporary entry came as a result of recent findings from geologists. 

" For the most part it appears that they are slowing down, that doesn't mean that they won't move again but it is a promising sign in the meantime. We now have some areas that we have access to safety wise to go in and gather further information,"
said Rhonda Mellafont engineering gelogist from Westrek Geological Services , who admits that the situation is still in need of further analysis which is why her team is conducting daily Lidar surveying.

Residents also heard that car rentals will be provided as soon as Tuesday for those with cars stuck in Old Fort. B.C Hydro and Telus, meanwhile said that they are still waiting for the area to be deamed safe by the regional district before they can begin restoring services to the neighborhood. 
The information was revealed at a meeting held at the North Peace Cultural Center with emergency support services, B.C Hydro , Telus , and the Peace River Regional District. 



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