Pouce Coupe woman charged, after allegedly failing to provide dog proper food and care

Hugh Smith


A Pouce Coupe woman is facing charges after a BC SPCA investigation from 2016.
In June of that year, Alexis Walker's rottweiler, Kira, was taken to the shelter after Walker allegedly failed to provide the dog proper food and veterinary care.
The animal was emaciated, and animal protection officers with the SPCA say she was suffering from bladder and kidney infections.
She was also suffering from muscle atrophy, limiting her mobility.
South Peace Branch Manager, Wendy Davies, says she started Kira on a feeding program and antibiotics, which helped her to gain 25 pounds in just three weeks.
After fostering her for a year, Davies says she has now adopted the dog permanently.
If convicted, Walker faces a maximum fine of $75,000, up to two years in jail, and up to a lifetime ban on owning animals.

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