Pouce Coupe Park celebrates re-opening

Tiffany Goodwein 

The village of Pouce Coupe is in a celebratory mood today as they  mark the re-opening of Pouce Coupe park.   

The park was destroyed by a devastating flood in 2016 that was estimated to cost millions in repairs.

" We had our first bidding and that was over 2 million dollars so we couldn't afford it. the village just couldn't afford it so we had to wait and re-bid and we had a successful bidder and he did a wonderful job down there and we will slowly add buildings to it and picnic tables and things like that but right now as it sits it's just a green space because we don't know if we are going to have another flood, " said Mayor Loraine Michetti. 

The village ultimately spent  175 thousand dollars to fix the park  with the disaster relief fund covering  150 thousand dollars in damages . 

A local family also pitched in to bring the project to completion. 
The celebrations are until 6:30 today and there will be food , a bouncy castle and other festivities.     

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