Peace River Regional District could pull funding from Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation

Myron Mayne


There’s a possibility the Peace River Regional District may pull funding from the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation over concerns from the Board.

The PRRD sent out a letter to the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation and the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark Board regarding concerns between the two foundations.

As the Museum has been struggling with funding to help keep their doors open, the fossils may have to be relocated.

“Their concern is that if funding does not continue those fossils will need to be cared for and so it’s a matter of who’s going to care for them and where are they going to be cared for? And or, can we find provincial funding that will assist? But that all needs to take collaboration between everybody to make that work, and we just don’t see that collaboration appearing the way we’d like to see it appear,” said Rob Fraser, Board Member for the PRRD.

The Board is looking for clarification, after comments were made from Dr. Lisa Buckley, the paleontologist who cares for the collections at the Museum, had been seeking other possibilities to move some of the collection.

The board is also asking the museum to consult them before relocating any collections to another facility, and build a good working relationship with the Geopark, the community, and the Royal B.C. Museum.

The PRRD believes that if the two organizations work together, they have the potential to have a worldwide value.

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