PRRD Old Fort Update

Sean Marks

Old Fort Road Re-Opens For All Vehicles
As of 4:00 pm yesterday, Old Fort Road is once again open 24/7 for all vehicles. Construction activity today and over the next few work days may cause occasional traffic delays of up to 20 minutes as additional work on or around the roadway is completed.
Emergency Support Services for lodging, food and other needs will end today. No further support services are available.
The water taxi service will continue to run until 9:00 pm tonight. Residents must remove any vehicles remaining at Peace Island Park before that time as no overnight security will be in place after 9:00 this evening.
All emergency utility services (water, sewage, garbage) have already been discontinued. PRRD has made arrangements to securely store related infrastructure so that it can be quickly accessed in the future.
The PRRD will continue to work with geotechnical professionals responsible for monitoring and evaluating the Old Fort Road and slide, surrounding crown lands, and the community.
Currently the instrumentation is showing minimal movement for all parts of the slide. The ravelling that is occurring beside the ridge will continue, but any failure there would not be able to make it down to the road. The only thing that the road will do in the future is move towards the river if the flow part of the slide re-activates.
It is near impossible to predict when the slide will start moving again, but the instrumentation is there and will continue to be monitored. There is nothing to indicate anything catastrophic would happen to the road.
The risk to the community posed by recent Old Fort slide movements is low. When slide movements occur, they are generally directed away from the community. No reactivation of the West Slide mass has been observed.
Any new movement is difficult to predict and circumstances can change quickly, depending on external factors like extreme weather and changed groundwater flow. If renewed movements occur, and appear to pose a risk to the community, sufficient time to evacuate or respond would be made available.
The PRRD has stopped posting daily updates on the Old Fort landslide. Updates will only be made when deemed important and necessary. For more information you can visit the Peace River Regional District website at


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