Northern Rockies Regional Municipality looks for signatures of support from residents

Myron Mayne


The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality and the Fort Nelson First Nations are looking for signatures of support from residents in gaining a Community Forest Agreement with the provincial government.

Officials say the partnership between the two is a way to jumpstart the economy after a decline in forestry and oil and gas activity in the area.

The City says a show of support from residents for the Agreement will help the community economically.

“It gives us the leverage in attracting investors to restart forestry. It gives us a window directly into forestry, so we know what’s happening in the business in a hands-on way. And it gives us some influence over how the fibre that’s harvested in what would be the community forest, is used,” said Mike Gilbert, Regional Development Officer for Northern Rockies Regional Municipality.

City officials also say the partnership is another great way to bring the two communities together.

“This has been a very good exercise to for the two communities to be working back and forth toward a common goal and it has been, the senior ministry official characterized our progress as ‘moving forward with lightning speed’ and I think that reflects very well on the level of cooperation we’ve been able to exercise with our partners Fort Nelson First Nations,” said Gilbert.

The next step in the process is to send a Management Plan to the ministry in September and wait for a response.

Residents can go online to view and sign the letter or visit City Hall.

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