Northern Lights College Receives Donated Helicopter

Travis Fortnum

Canada's Coast Guard is donating some retired helicopters to 10 colleges and universities across the country.

Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek is one of two post-secondary institutions in British Columbia that offers an aircraft maintenance program, both of which will be receiving one of the vehicles for practical learning.

Northern Lights College and the B.C. Institute of Technology's aviation campus in Richmond have each received a B-O 105 helicopter - after the Coast Guard declared the 10 twin-engine, multi-purpose choppers were surplus to its needs.
The federal government says the donations of the over 30-year-old helicopters support the development of well-trained, skilled technicians to serve the aerospace industry.
In place of the 10 retired helicopters, the coast guard now has 22 new machines, 15 described as light-lift helicopters and seven capable of medium-lift chores.

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