North Peace Search and Rescue reminds hikers how to stay safe

Myron Mayne


After the death of three YouTube stars in Squamish, BC, North Peace Search and Rescue is warning hikers about potential dangers they may face when out on the trails.

Earlier this week, search and rescue in the lower mainland recovered the bodies of a young woman and two men, in Shannon Falls north of Vancouver, who lost their lives while hiking.

Now, North Peace Search and Rescue is reminding the public to be cautious.

“The potential dangers of hiking is not being prepared for being in the area that you’re at and not being aware of the area that you’re at. So what we do is we’re very strong supporters of a national program called Adventure Smart, which is a program that talks to people about how to get prepared for, what they should be taking and ultimately what to do if they get into trouble,” said Brian Lamond, Search Manager and President for North Peace Search and Rescue.

To help narrow down a search area, the team also suggests you plan your trip – writing down where you’ll be going, what you’re taking and leaving it with family and friends or a neighbour.

According to the organization, there are more search and rescue tasks in BC than all provinces and territories across Canada combined.

The team says they receive numerous calls not just in the summer but throughout the year.

“A lot of our calls now are moving away from searching and getting more into rescue because there’s way more people recreating in the backcountry, as you get more people out there, the higher probability of injuries and so our call volume is slowly going away from searching and increasing to rescue,” said Lamond.

Lamond says through preparation, planning and backcountry sense; you can minimize the potential for search and rescue to come and look for you.

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