North Peace SPCA reduces cat adoption fees 50 percent

Myron Mayne


The North Peace SPCA is looking to the community to help make room at the shelter.

Recently, the animal shelter started a half-price adoption promotion to counter the growing number of stray cats in the community.

The non-profit organization hopes the 50 percent off will help create more space in their facility for other cats in need of care.

“We’re really struggling to be able to serve the community because we have so many that are needing to come in. We’re getting reports of cats that are abandoned, we’re getting reports of moms and kittens living under steps, we’re getting reports of sadly one that are really starving, we need to get cats out of our facility, so that we can get more cats into our facility who truly need to be here,” said Candace Buchamer, Branch Manager for North Peace SPCA.

The reduced adoption fees include spaying and neutering, lifetime microchip registration, vaccine, deworming and ear mite treatment.

Buchamer, who has been with the SPCA for 19 years, says the influx of cats is on the rise.
“Between ourselves and the local rescue in town we’re intaking almost a thousand cats a year – between cats, kittens, whatever needs to come in and that literally is a tiny tiny portion to what we’re seeing for free on FSJ Now, on Kijiji, on all the local Facebook sites,” said Buchamer.

For more information on how to take a furry little friend home, visit the North Peace SPCA’s Facebook page.

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