Last month of Greyhound service in Dawson Creek

Taylor MacIntyre


There's been quite the uproar since Greyhound Canada announced they will be slowly pulling their transit services across the country.
In Dawson Creek, all but one of the Greyhound routes have been cut - the route that runs between the Mile Zero City and Edmonton. 
There is one employee at the office on Alaska Avenue, operating services from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.
Greyhound Contractor for Dawson Creek, Bill Fehr, says he feels sorry for people that are affected by the route closures. 
"The only one we have now leaves Edmonton at midnight and gets in to Dawson Creek in the morning once a day and leaves back out in the afternoon to go back to Edmonton." Fehr adds, "I know we used to have quite a few routes from Prince George and in and out, and Whitehorse, Fort Nelson, Fort St. John in and out also, but basically those are only freight runs now and a passenger is only once a day."
This last route from Dawson Creek to Edmonton is only running until October 31st.
Fehr says at the end of October, all Greyhound Canada bus services will be ending, except for routes that run between Canada and the States.
Future plans of Greyhound Canada are unknown at this time. 

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