It's a "McHappy" day in the Peace Region

Christian D'Avino 

If you stopped into your local McDonald's today, your well-earned dollar went a longer way than just satisfying your hunger. 

Today is the companies 26th annual McHappy Day - an initiative aimed at supporting Ronald Mcdonald Houses and other local children's charities across canada.

According to McDonald's, 268 families from communities in Northern B.C. alone stayed at Ronald McDonald houses while their child was ill in 2018. 

"Any purchase of a big mac, happy meal today, or a hot mcafe beverage, we’re gonna take a dollar proceeds from the purchase of those items," said McDonald's Supervisor Steve Kitney. 

"We’re gonna donate half to the local child development centre and half to the Ronald McDonald House as well." 

65% of Canadians live outside a city with a children's hospital, according to McDonald's. That means staying at a Ronald McDonald house eliminates driving distance significantly, keeping families close to care.

McDonald's says proceeds from the charity help more than 25,000 families and children in canada every year. 

"It gives families a sense of normalcy and comfort in a time of chaos really," said Jeff and Lia Shea, who spent 229 nights in a Ronald McDonald House while their daughter received treatment.

"In some of the worst times of their lives, Ronald McDonald House is there to support the families and make a difference in their lives."

It's not too late to contribute - McHappy Day continues until midnight tonight. 

Last year, McDonald's raised more than 6.1 million dollars on McHappy day alone.

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