UPDATE: Vice Principal facing charges after sexual assualt allegations


Grande Prairie RCMP say a Vice Principal has been arrested and charged after police recieved three reports from female students alleging inappropraite touching.

55-year-old Raymond Sylvester now faces sexual assualt charges .

Police say the incidents took place during the end of the 2018 school year. He was arrested on June 27.

CJDC-TV has learned that Sylvester was the Vice Principal of Isabel Campbell Public School at the time of the investigation.

Some parents at the school say they are outraged that the district did not inform them sooner about the investigation and the eventual arrest of Sylvester. .   

" We just found out today through the news like everyone else did.  I feel like we should have been told. It would of been nice because I have a teenaged daughter that goes there," said one parent Michelle Romphf. 

The Grande Prairie Public School District declined to comment but said in a statement: 

“The safety of our students is always the top priority. "

They go on to say that Sylvester has not been an active employee since May 31 .

He is expected to appear in court on August 22, 2018.    

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Grande Prairie RCMP say a Vice Principal in the Grande Prairie Public School District has been arrested after police recieved three reports from female students alleging that they were touched inappropriately.  

Police recieved the reports on June 1 and say the incidents took place towards the end of this school year within school district property .

55 year-old Raymond Sylvester now faces sexual assault charges. He was released from custody and is expected to appear in court on August 22, 2018.


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