Grande Prairie RCMP warn business owners about fraud using debit machines

Hugh Smith

Grande Prairie RCMP are warning businesses about a crime trend of using a debit machine while committing fraud.
Police in the city say they have had several reports of suspects using point of sale terminals to do fraudulent transactions which charge money back to the business.
The RCMP recommend that business owners keep the following tips in mind:

  •          Do not leave PIN pads or POS terminals unattended and remain present when transactions are being completed
  •          Be aware of distractions while transactions are being completed
  •          Watch that the customer is only entering a 4-digit PIN and isn't entering a full 16-digit credit card number
  •          Look at the customer’s credit card to confirm that it’s authentic
  •          Be suspicious if the transaction is taking an abnormal amount of time
  •          Examine the receipt and verify how the transaction was processed, watch for manual entry transactions, changes to the dollar amount, or refunds
  •          Store administrative cards in a secure location and restrict access to the cards
  •          Report any stolen/lost Admin cards to police

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