Gold fever hits Peace Region

Brendan Miller

Gold Fever is setting in in the Peace Region, as the District of Taylor is getting ready to host the 46th annual World's Invitational Gold Panning Championship.
The first World Invitational Gold Panning Championship was held in 1973 along the banks of the Peace River and has since evolved into a family event that is held in Peace Island Park. 
The event was originally inspired by pioneers in the early 1900s who caught Gold Fever and followed their dreams north.
“That allure of striking it rich with nothing, it’s a fever. People get a fever and so we’re just trying to remember that fever a little bit and when people pan for gold and they see those sparkles in the bottom of the pan and you can just see their eyes light up and you can see that fever start to take ahold and we get people coming back year-after-year,” said District of Taylor Mayor, Rob Fraser. 
The festivities kick-off tonight with a Gold Panning Parade.
Tomorrow there will be a wide range of family events, including a chance to pan for real gold.
On Sunday, the world invitational event will attract some of the best gold panners from around the world, who will compete to become the new Gold Panning World Champion.
“Each of these A-class panners has their own style and you really can’t explain it, you have to come and really experience it for yourself and just see how skillful they are to take a gold pan full of gravel, salted with exactly the same amount of gold, and how they can get that gold gravel out of that pan and get it down to where the judges can count 15 flakes that are so small you can just barely see them, we know there is 15 flakes in there because we salted with 15 flakes and they’ll get the full 15 flakes and they’ll do it in less than a couple of minutes,” said Fraser.
We will have additional coverage of the World's Invitational Gold Panning Championship in our newscast next Tuesday. 

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