Fort St. John hosts 52nd annual Robert Burns Dinner

Brendan Miller

On Friday night residents in Fort St. John will celebrate and toast to the life of Scottish poet Robert Burns during an annual dinner.

For over half a century the city has been celebrating Robert Burns Day with a feast hosted by the Shiners Masonic Lodge and the Knights of Columbus.

January 25th marks the 52nd annual celebration held by the two clubs who historically didn’t see things eye to eye.

“Unique history, I guess there was some hanky-panky 50 some odd years ago and the two clubs weren’t getting along for whatever reason and the court ordered the two clubs to work together and do a public community event and Robbie Burns was born here in Fort St. John and here we are 52 years later still celebrating and still having a heck of a good time,” said Dan Davies, MLA Peace River North.

Robert Burns is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland.


The evening will celebrate Burns’ contribution to literacy and include several traditional toasts, including an address to the lassies and an ode to the haggis.

“There is poetry being read, we have a highland dancer coming to do some dances, we got the rotary pipe band, followed up by a dance." 

"And of course with dinner we have the all famous haggis, which everybody loves, well okay maybe not everybody, but I don’t mind it, Atholl Brose Moose Milk which is the beverage, you get a cultural beverage that is included in the dinner,” said Davies.

Tickets are still available for $65 at

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