Fort St. John city council dismisses new coat of arms

Myron Mayne


Fort St John City Council made a unanimous decision to abandon the creation of a new coat of arms.

At Monday’s city council meeting, councillors decided to drop the discussion on registering the proposed design.

About a year and a half ago, city staff told council that the existing coat of arms was not officially trademarked – meaning the image could be used by just about anyone.

City officials say there needs to be more input if the city were to adopt a new crest to ensure it represents not only Fort St John but also the Peace Region.

“It wasn’t a money issue; it wasn’t a you know, do we have that money in the budget? Because, you know, it’s there, we did. It was a functionality issue, right? Is this something we need to spend money on now? In ten years will the council, they put the coat of arms on their letterhead? Will it be something that signifies and represents Fort St. John? It very well might not be and at that point in time the 2700 bucks we spend today wasn’t worth it,” said Trevor Bolin, Councillor for the City of Fort St. John.

City staff say the current unofficial crest was voted in by council in 1975 and that was through a design contest.

“Every once in a while, you know, city and staff and council will look at what hasn’t been looked at in a while, what needs to be updated? What needs to be changed? What needs to be 2018? This is one of those items that had been on there. You know, as the mascot had been, you know I don’t know four months ago or three months ago - some things you just need to leave alone and some things you need to pick your battles on,” said Bolin.

Although council did not approve the new coat of arms, they suggest the issue can be brought forward to council again at a later date.

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