Fort St. John Water and Sewer Costs to Rise in 2019

Travis Fortnum

Residents of Fort St. John will find a little more of their money going down the drain in the new year.

Rates for both water and sewer services will see a small bump come January 1st.

Water rates will see a three cent hike per cubic metre from a $1.62 to $1.65, and sewer rates rise from a $ 1.67 to $1.69 per cubic metre.
City councillors officially approved the change at Monday's meeting - though the costs have been steadily rising since 2012, under a 10-year plan to recover costs.
"Years ago city council decided that water was too important to leave it on the tax rates and to be subsidized by residents," Mayor Lori Ackerman explains.

"Residents were doing a significant job since 2006 of decreasing their water usage, and that was through understanding the value of conservation and the cost of potable water - as well as some of the programs that the city put in place. So over the last few years we have been taking our water rates to full cost recovery."
Almost seven years into the plan, the city is over 95 per cent of the way to recovering those costs.

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