Fort St. John Soccer Club frustrated over lack of attention by city over soccer fields

James Dunn

Frustrations have reached a boiling point at the Fort St. John Soccer Club. 

The state of the only purpose built soccer fields in the city have become unusable.

Which has caused the groups president to hand out a red card.

Poorly constructed... bad contour... and causing numerous injuries.

That according to the President of the Fort St John Soccer Club on the city's only two playing fields in Surerus Park.

Darren Snider is calling out city council to get them fixed in time for the season.

"We started planning our spring season and once again when i asked the city if there were any repairs to be done on this, got the answer 'no, nothing was being done out here.' So just something that built up and I started writing." Snider said.

Snider pointed out the many problems, that have not been addressed since the park was first created over 20 years ago.

Holes and trenches, causing the playing surface to be uneven.

Poor irrigation causing puddles even after a brief rainfall in the summer.

The playing surface is worn down and become hard, making it a nightmare for parents and their kids safety.

Snider also mentions a hypocrisy about council when it comes to ice and field sports.

And goes on in his letter saying "Would you ever allow the ice at the pomeroy sport centre to fall into disrepair to the point where minor hockey says they can no longer use it? City Council would move the earth to repair and get the ice open again."

Snider says it should not be that way.

"There's a lot of newer people to Canada and they all come from countries that play a lot of soccer so i think it's important for Canada to have a strong soccer program." Snider said.

The City of Fort St John was reached for comment, but no one was available for an interview.

Instead they said there are plans to fix the soccer field, but it will be done in 2023 as part of the city's five year Capital Plan.

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