Fort St. John Hospital Foundation raises $80,000 at Bluey Day

Myron Mayne


Fort St. John Hospital Foundation was a cut above the mark this year at its annual Bluey Day Fundraiser.

This week, the foundation announced that they brought in $80,000 at the May 26th event.

Just over 30 brave community members came together to have their heads shaved to support family or friends affected by cancer.

The organization says they appreciate the support from community.

“This is an extraordinary community for that type of thing and every year is always just staggering at just how many people come forward and the amount that is raised through this event is crucial for us to be able to do what we actually do for the hospital with special equipment and things like that – cancer care, treatment and patient care,” said Niki Hedges, Executive Director.

The hospital foundation will put the money towards medical equipment in the cancer ward, such as the recently purchased Vein-Viewer.

The foundation is already looking forward to next year’s Blue Day event as they prepare to hit another milestone.

“I really want to encourage people to know that next year is the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation’s 25th anniversary. So, you know, we are really looking forward to Bluey Day cause this is a real marker for the foundation and people come forward if they want to raise money, you can have your hair shaved, if you want to grow your hair long, you’ve got a year, you can go a long way with that,” said Hedges.

The hospital foundation says it takes eight people to have their hair cut to make one wig for a patient.

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