Fort St. John Chooses Design for Festival Plaza

Travis Fortnum

After input from the public and a vote by City Council, we now know what Fort St. John's redesigned Festival Plaza will look like.

These images show draft designs for the space located at the corner of 100 Street and 96 Ave.

There will be stalls for food trucks, picnic areas, a fire cauldron, a washroom building and more. All to compliment a new 4,200 square foot steel structure. Inside - space for markets, celebrations and performances.
Screen-shot-2018-12-11-at-12-45-47-PM.pngThe design was drawn up by EDS Group - an Alberta-based design firm - with feedback from local residents and business owners.

John Buchko, Principal Environmental Planner with EDS Group, says the chosen design is the perfect combination of what was discussed through the collaboration period.

"We began the project about two months ago," Buchko says. "It started off with a blank slate. We worked with local stakeholders and a few interest groups through a workshop process.

"That process determined the program and site elements. From there, we had a couple of surveys done on the Let's Talk website, where we got some public input on the initial options and programming ideas on how the space would be used. The plan we see today is really a result of that engagement that we've done with the public."

The redesign of Festival Plaza is a key part of the city's master plan for the downtown core, as well as the redevelopment of Centennial Park

Work will begin next year, after a more detailed design is finished.

"The intention is to have the design done by the end of the winter," says Buchko. "So late February, early March. So that we have the project out to tender for summer construction."

A presentation at last night's City Council meeting sets a target completion date of September 2019.

The project comes with an estimated price tag of $874,500.

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