Flight from Police Leads to Arrest and Charges

Randi-Marie Adams 

Flight from Police Leads to Arrest and Charges
Dawson Creek - On July 14th, 2020, Dawson Creek RCMP were on patrol when they observed a vehicle leaving a residence known to be associated with drugs.
The involved vehicle was followed to a local business at which officers attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The vehicle failed to stop and drove away in a dangerous manner and at a high rate of speed, striking the side of a parked vehicle as it sped away. Two suspects were observed within the vehicle as it sped away.
Given the risk to the general public, officers did not pursue but were able to establish a direction of travel. With the help of witnesses pointing officers in the right direction, patrols soon located the vehicle parked in a residential neighbourhood.
A suspect; well known to police, was identified walking away from the vehicle and was immediately arrested.
Police Service Dog; "Hammer" and his partner; Cst. Quanstrom was called to the scene. Ascent track was established which immediately lead to the identification of a second suspect hiding nearby. He was also arrested.
Sheldon Caldwell (49yrs) has been charged with Possession of Break-in Tools.
Alan Renouf (39yrs) has been charged with Flight from Police and Dangerous Driving.
Both men have been released pending their first court appearance.

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