Fire Department called to Dawson Creek apartment building, after smell of natural gas

Taylor MacIntyre


Dawson Creek fire crews are warning residents about gas appliance safety, after complaints this morning (Friday) of a natural gas smell in an apartment building.
The 911 call came in at 8:05 a.m. for a building in the downtown core.  
Four firefighters responded shortly after with a pumper truck. 
Dawson Creek Fire Chief, Gordon "Shorty" Smith, says when they arrived, the crew did smell gas and therefore, they aired the apartment building out using a large fan. 
"They seemed to think it was natural gas, but there wasn't enough in the building for the detectors to make a positive I.D. on the gas."
No alarms went off in the building, but according to Chief Smith, carbon monoxide alarms aren't designed to detect natural gas. 
In this situation, firefighters figure a stove may have been left on and the pilot light may not have ignited. 
Chief Smith says residents should use extra caution when using gas appliances.
"Any time you use a gas stove, you should make sure it's ignited if you turn it on, because they are just mechanical devices and they can fail." The Chief adds, "If you do get an alarm in your building, exit the building and then call 911."
Thankfully, no one was injured. 

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