Local woman cleans up donation bins

Tiffany Goodwein


When you think about donating your unused items to a charity, throwing them into overflowing bins probably  isn't the image you had in mind.

But that's exactly what the donation bins looked like in Dawson Creek.

 Clothes, toys - you name it - overflowing onto the floor; raising eyebrows and sparking a flurry of conversation on Facebook.

 While CJDCTV was out filming, we met Joy Cormier; a local resident who said she was appauled by the condition of the bins, so she decided to do something about it.

" Well I seen this on facebook and it makes the community look dirty,so i thought welll you know i'll try to volunteer my time to do my best with helping the community , you know everyone has to take their part," said Cormier.

She filled garbage bag after garbage bag of donated items heaved on the ground .  

"People have been just abusing our free bins or how i should say our donation bins because society thinks it 's okay to go and rob from the rich. "

 CJDCTV contacted Diabetes Canada - the organization responsible for the bins, to find out what exactly their protocol is for making sure the bins stay clean and items are picked up. A representative said,

"We monitor these volumes and make adjustments over the year to ensure all our bin hosts have a positive experience with us. while we work hard to ensure our bin sites are kept clean, there may be times where donation volumes exceed the bins capacity or when the bin is not full but donors unfortunately have left the donations outside the bin," said Scott Ebenhardt, Director, National Business Development , Diabetes Canada.  

 Leaving community Heroes like Joy out to pick up the pieces.

" It takes one to build a village," she said. 


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