Evans Farm receives Century Farm Award

Laura Krause 

The Evans family is one of British Columbia’s most recent recipients of the Century Farm Award. The family farm located near Doe River, just north of Dawson Creek was established 100 years ago this fall.


Benjamin Holloway was a butcher, when he moved from England to Doe River at the age of 56 with his wife, Ellen and three of their six children, William, Cyril and Dorothy. The family owned cattle and grew grain crops.


That same year, John and Lenore Albright moved to Doe River from the United States with their three children, Russell, Gladys and Mabel. Lenore died in 1928, followed by her husband John in 1958. Their son, Russell started farming in the early 1930’s. He hired a housekeeper, Minnie Cornish, a divorced mother of four and the two later got married. They had three more children together, including a daughter, Marion.


In 1934, Dorothy Holloway married William Evans and they had two children, William (Bill) and Mona. William passed away in 1947 and Dorothy continued to tend to the farm while raising two kids. On top of that, Dorothy bought land and expanded the farm while being  involved with the community.


Bill Evans and Marion Albright married and began farming on the property, alongside Dorothy. Bill and Marion are still present on the farm today. Together they had four sons: William, Wade, Desmond and Glyn. 


Today, Evans farm is primarily a cattle ranch with nearly 350 head of cows.

Bill and Marion are still present on the family farm and work alongside their son Glyn and his wife Stephanie. On top of keeping the farm running, Glyn and Stephanie run an Agronomy consulting business and Stephanie teaches part time.


Glyn and Stephanie have four daughters who are the fifth generation of the family. Their one daughter, Sierra and her partner Tim Lowery bought some cows, and are dipping their toes into the industry.


The Century Farm celebrates the rich heritage of farming and ranching families and organizations in BC that have been active for a century or longer.


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