Drinking water arrives in Old Fort for residents affected by landslide

Hugh Smith

42935349_1868926703183528_1039610354553847808_o.jpgDrinking water has arrived in Old Fort, as the community continues to deal with the landslide that occurred on Sunday, September 30.

The PRRD delivered the water to the community today, allowing residents to pick it up from Gord Pardy's house.

Residents also experienced a brief power outage for about and hour and a half this morning. BC Hydro was forced to shut off electricity as the shifting ground was causing some trees to lean on the power lines, and they were starting to burn. Crews were able to remove the trees, turning power back on at 10:30 a.m. Hydro officials say they are continuing to watch the situation, as the shifting ground could cause trees to hit the lines again in the coming days.

The District has also set up bus transportation from the Taylor boat launch to the North Peace Cultural Centre to transport people using water taxis to get in and out of Fort St. John.

The schedules for the water taxis and buses are as follows:

Water Taxi leaving Old Fort

7 am                     8 am                     9 am

Connecting Bus leaving Taylor Boat Launch

7:15 am               8:15 am               9:15 am

Arrives at the North Peace Cultural Center

7:45 am               8:45 am               9:45 am


Connecting bus leaving the North Peace Cultural Centre

3:30 pm               4:30 pm                              5:30 pm

Water Taxi Leaving Taylor Boat Launch

4 pm                     5 pm                     6 pm

Water Taxi arriving in Old Fort

4:15 pm               5:15 pm               6:15 pm

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