Dawson Creek recycling depot finds needles in load... again

James Dunn

With spring around the corner, the public is being reminded to watch what you put in your blue bins.

Fort St. John's Recycle-IT Resource Depot shared a picture on social media where 8 hyperdermic needles were found.

The picture is originally from DC Recycling in Dawson Creek.

Owner, Jeremy Parsow says more than 20 needles were discovered just yesterday alone.

The needles aren't neccessarily connected to drugs, the plant says they could be from diabetics, steroids, or animal medication.

Parslow says it's not just in one area that the needles are found in.

"We see it at random times throughout the week. They do a pickup each day of the week. I know we had some needles come in Monday, some on Tuesday, and a whole bunch yesterday."

In Fort St. John and Dawson Creek, pharmacies provide bins for people to take home and discard used needles in. 

When it's full, the bin should be brought back to the pharmacy.

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