Dawson Creek group protests UN Migration Pact and carbon tax

Hugh Smith

A group of Dawson Creek residents took to the streets on Saturday, December 8, to show their anger at the federal government.
Sixteen people came out to protest at the traffic circle at around 12:30 p.m, holding signs that criticized the carbon tax and the UN Migration Pact. They say their anger is with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s policies.
“This UN Migration Pact he’s about to sign here with the UN – I don’t agree," said Dustin Friesen, one of the protestors. "I believe he’s handing our sovereignty away to other countries. Our government should be in control of our own sovereignty.”

“They’re enforcing a carbon tax on us when we can’t even sell our oil to foreign markets," said Darren Bates, another one of the protestors. "We’re limited to the States pretty much, and now we’re paying a carbon tax and we look, it’s cold outside. It costs a lot of money to heat homes, put fuel in our vehicles just to stay working, and now we’re paying extra on top of what we already had to pay before, so carbon tax just has to go.”
Friesen says he plans to organize another protest at the traffic circle on Friday, December 14. He says he will be putting the word out through Facebook.

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