Dawson Creek Hospital Foundation to fund all care facilities, including Rotary Manor

Taylor MacIntyre


Some exciting news today (Thursday) for the Dawson Creek community.
This afternoon, the Dawson Creek & District Hospital Foundation announced that they now have the ability to raise funds for all care facilities under Northern Health, including Rotary Manor.
The Foundation says they will be working very closely with the management team at Rotary Manor.
Every quarter, the facility will provide a list of items they are in need of and the Foundation will do what they do best - gather funds to purchase the needed equipment.
"Honestly, our bylaws were developed in 1992, when we first came to be and there were no care facilities at that time," says Manager of Fundraising and Events for the Dawson Creek & District Hospital Foundation, Jessica Kulla. "Our Board of Directors brought it to our attention that this is something we should be doing. The residents here are some of the most vulnerable residents in the community and there's no reason why we shouldn't be funding for them."
The amendment also includes funding for all future Northern Health care facilities.
Although there is no specific mandate for the amount the Foundation will hand over each year, they have already begun their first initiative.
On behalf of Rotary Manor, the Foundation is looking to raise just over $8,000 to purchase new vitals monitors for the Manor - and they're hoping to do this over the next couple of months.
Residential Care Manager, Teresa Friesen, says she was very grateful.
"It's an exciting time for us here; we've been waiting for that to happen." Friesen adds, "There are a lot of needs in this facility and to be honest with you, the funding is always flowing, coming from the Northern Health Authority, but sometimes, it's just not enough. All of us know that. Changes in the care, complexity of the care, equipment, even furnishings for this facility are somethings that I really wanted to have some help from the Hospital Foundation."
The Foundation is kicking-off their 'Lights for Life' mail-out campaign today, hoping to receive holiday spirit and funds in return. 
Their end goal is to purchase the vital monitors for Rotary Manor and a Vein-Viewer for the hospital. 
Each time one-thousand dollars is raised, a light will be lit up on social media, letting donors know they are making a difference to the community.

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