Dawson Creek Budget – Next Meeting on Monday

Travis Fortnum


Dawson Creek City Council will discuss the 2019 budget at another public meeting on Monday, February 25.

As previously reported, some significant cuts are slated to be made. Including to park maintenance (set to be cut by $400,000), the library budget (set to be reduced by 10%) and cuts to several grants.

Now, we’re learning of some new proposed cuts that will factor into the cities $1.3+ million reduction plan.

Some of the proposed cuts include:

  • Funding 22 police members instead of 25 (unknown amount)
  • Removing funding for the Energy Management Program ($15,601)
  • Removing funding for the Sustainability Program ($17,626)
  • Reduced spending on Downtown garbage and beatification (19,560)
Some rates/fees may also see a hike this year, as will be discussed at Mondays meeting.

To look at the full agenda, CLICK HERE.

The budget is set to be discussed on Monday at 1:00 P.M. inside City Hall.

The meeting is open to the public.


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